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This site collects information by installing small files (cookies) on a computer’s hard drive for the purpose of compiling Google Analytics reports.

All websites employ cookies of one type or another for functionality and statistical analysis.

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that tracks visitor interactions with the site.

Information tracked includes;
- the visitor's device IP address
- operating system and browser type
- which pages have been viewed
- the date of the visit.

Google Analytics collects information anonymously and does not identify any individual.

The information collected by this site will not be used for any purpose other than to analyse visitor traffic.

This information has been created with free resources from
Cookie Clarity.


Our subscription service is managed by Mailchimp.

Subscribers must provide first and last names and a valid email address as required information to subscribe. Comments are optional but will also be saved on the database if submitted.

Personal information will not be used by us for any purpose other than to email subscribers to the Essex Succulent Review.

Subscribers may unsubscribe or change the information we hold by emailing us or using the links provided in our mail-outs.

Mailchimp employs cookies and similar tracking technologies to measure user activity, such as click rates, in response to emails sent by us. Mailchimp also tracks other information such as visits to our site by geographical location.

The Essex Succulent Review does not disclose or share any personal information with any third party.

Mailchimp does not have any direct contact with subscribers, other than through the Essex Succulent Review.

By subscribing to the Essex Succulent Review you are agreeing to this privacy policy.

This information was last updated on 1 June 2017 and may be reviewed and updated periodically. Subscribers will be notified by email of any major changes to this policy.

How to control cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies that are already on your computer by changing preferences in your browser.

You can opt out of Google Analytics without affecting how you visit our site.

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